92-Year-Old Man Sings to His Dying Wife , this is heart-touching!!!

Love is a miracle thing when people commit to be in love and spend their time together for the rest of their lives. When they are young, people waste a lot of time messing around with relationship, on and off, flipping from one relationship to another without feeling any real love, they feel insecure with our relationship, then they move forward to another relationship.But remember, passionate love will never last long, only understanding love does. So, below is inspiring, true love story of an old couple.

Laura (grandma) and Howard (grandpa) were in love, got married and spent their love together for the rest 73 years. Laura and Howard are respectively 93 and 92 years old. Just recently, grandma got ill and was sent to the hospital. Old grandpa stays in the hospital and spends the last days with her.The last valuable moment between them are joyful,heart-melting. Grandpa sings with her a love song,”You’ll Never Know”, performed by Rosemary Clooney with Harry Jame, in which he used to sing to comfort her before leaving for fighting in World War II.

92-Year-Old Man Sings to His Dying Wife , this is heart-touching!!!

They usually perform this song together to celebrate their love vow and to entertain the reception of the whole family after 50 years of marriage. But now, both grandpa and gradma are too weak to sing this song,grandma stays in the bed, she cannot see things around her clearly as she got macular degeneration, and grandpa now has some ear problem, he cannot hear well and moreover he cannot stand up from the wheelchair without the assistance. So as he begins to sing, Serena, his nephew,and also a physical therapist, tries to lift him up so that he can get on his feet.

During the entire song,they sing the song together romantically, and this is really heart-touching, and we are out here, hope that we will able to find a true love and spend the rest of our life with our partner just like this old couple does.