Losing 28 kg to shoot a movie!!! This is the crazy weight loss of Christian Bale!!!

Christian Bale is one of the biggest name in Hollywood. He is an English actor. Born on 30 January 1974, Christian Bale started his starring career at the age of 13 in a movie Empire of the Sun(1987) and it caught a lot of people attention. A lot of people praised of his talent. Since his debut in Hollywood, Christian Bale starred in a lot of famous movies such as the Batman series (Batman Begins, Dark Knight, Dark Knight Rises), the Machinist, American Hustle and a lot more.


One of the most remarkable masterpieces of the Batman actor is his role in The Machinist 2004, people were so surprising when they saw his astonishing weight loss, people found it is hard to recognize him since he is so skinny.

Film producers said Christian Bale tried to lose his natural weight during 4 months from nearly 80kg to around 50kg to play his new role in his movie, The Machinist in 2004. They also claimed Bale intentionally tried to drop to 45kg, but film producers objected his intention as they felt that it would cause him in a much dangerous condition for his health. His role of a machinist, a man who suffered from insomnia, required him to look skinny.

Machinist Bale

Everyday, he ate an apple, a can of tuna fish, black coffee, some water and smoked the cigarettes. They are all low in calories and stimulate high metabolism except apple that has high sugar content. Along with these diets, Bale started exercising very hard in order to speed up the weight loss. Afterward, he had to regain his weight in 6 months in order to star in his new movie, Batman Begin in 2005. Finally he gained 45kg back and did workout to gain the muscle for his new role in Batman Begin 2005.


His extreme weight loss was a record for any Hollywood actor. His extreme weight loss totally showed his much dedication toward his role in the movie along with applying his talent in movie roles.