Melissa Reeves tries to prove that wearing underwear is too mainstream

Melissa Reeves, 23, is an American celebrity and also reality celebrity of  The Ex on the Beach.

She was seen wearing a sexy and very exposed gown with splits down both sides along with a very nice make-up in order to show off her charming beauty at the “Elbrook Charity Gala”event at Chak89 restaurant in Surrey, England on 29 October 2015.


She has surprised everybody after the lower part of her gown was blown away by a sudden wind but seeing her lower part is not what actually makes people astonished. The most unbelievable and surprising thing is every body can see her naked crotch because she didn’t wear any underwear. She attempted to grasp the flying part of her clothes but it was too late. This incident happened after she left the event with her friends, Marnie Simpson and Chloe Goodman.


But thing didn’t stop there, the blonde beauty seems trying to catch people’s attention  by showing off her upper part with a nip slip.

Many people believe that it was not the accident but actually it was her deliberate decision to show of those stuff in exchange for people’s attention.