The make-up video tutorials that surely make you burst into tears!!!

Life is very unpredictable, a lot of miseries and accidents may happen at any time in the future without our consent. No matter how we try to escape, sometimes they are inevitable. Look at those people who were vulnerable and unfortunate, what we can know is our life is a lot better than them. That’s why we have to be happy with ourselves, happy with what we have and fight forward and along with that, things that we don’t have to forget is to help the people are in much need of help.

Below is a sad and miserable story of an Indian woman who met a tragedy in life but things she does afterward are inspiring millions of people who were in the worse situation like her to live their life with hope.

Reshma Quereshi is a girl from Mumbai, India. Her story went back to when she was 17. On 19 May 2014, she went to Allahabad, a town in northern India, to stay with her sister and brother-in-law in preparation for an examination.


Before the attack

But unfortunately, as she was walking with her sister, her estranged brother-in-law and two other men blocked their way and threw the acid on her face. It is believed that the attack toward her is because of her beauty and charm. After the attack, she encountered a serious injure on her face, her face shape is nearly completely damaged, she lost her left eye and her right eye is not able to see things clearly.


After the attack

The brother-in-law was arrested but other two attackers remained free. Her sad story touched people’s heart and people help her by launching a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo to pay for her operation to restore her face shape.


Indiegogo fundraising: many people had donated their money to help her

The pain of acid attack is very hard to imagine as it burnt the flesh. Victim of acid attack who survives will face serious after-attack injure such as rioted skin and flesh, loss of sight and exposed bone, amputation and a lot of indescribable miseries and after all the victim have to lead their next life in miserable condition in term of physical appearance and mentality.

After her story heard, it took a lot of attention from people, and they gather altogether to fight against the acid attack by calling for the restriction of acid sale in the country. A lot of people are called to sign for the petition.


Surprisingly, she has launched her own Youtube channel Make Love Not Scars to share the make-up video tutorials in order to call for serious attention to the fatal effect of acid attack. I believe you will burst into tear after her inspiring make-up tutorials.