The natural transformation of this couple will blow your mind!!!


The power of love does really exist, it’s not a fairy tale. When a couple who together commit to create a miracle, nothing is impossible. Most people try to find the partner who already had the criteria they need, otherwise they will not consider to have him/her as the partner. They usually need people who are already in shape such as six pack, slim body…etc. But at the same time, there are people who think differently and start their relationship with the people for who they really are, and they want to be a part of change of their partner’s life. They don’t expect the final products at all. This is called true love and this kind of love always causes the miracle.

Talking about fitness and good shape, sometimes it’s great start to have a fitness plan with your partner so that one can motivate or remind another for daily diet and exercise plans.

Here is a story of a Korean couple, Song Jin Yoo and Shin Ji Hoo who got teased from the people around them and then they decided to do something to change their lives. This couple already put a lot of couple to shame with their healthy eating and exercise plan. The result they got will make your jaw drop. They are the definition of Relationship Goals.


Within 4-month of regular and strict workout, the couple finally share their photos which show their slim, muscular and fit body on the internet and it goes viral online around the world.

The couple are known to do weightlifting twice a week for constant 1.5 hour for complete 4 months. They determine their own diet, do strict workout together, moreover they do aerobics for 3 hours every day.


Their daily diets are chicken breast, potatoes, tomatoes, eggs, different kinds of fruits and vegetables. They stay away from junk foods.

After the hardship and endurance of 4 months, the guy lost 12 kg (from 83kg to 71kg) and burnt 9% of his body fat (16% to 5%). And the girl amazingly lost 22kg (from 71kg to 49kg) and burnt around 14% of her body fat (from 32% to 18%).