The police broke typewriter of an old Kishan Kumar, and power of social media brought him justice!!!

The power of social media is like lightning, it’s fast and powerful. This is what happened to an old man in India, whose typewriter was destroyed by a young police man and what he deserves what he got afterward. He is Kishan Kumar, 65 years old.

The old Indian guy does his Hindi typewriting job just like what he has been doing 35 years ago near the General Post Office (GPO). He works every day with his very old typewriter on 10-hour-a-day basis to make the hard earned 50 Rs (0.756 US Dollar) per day.

But unfortunately, on September 20, 2015, the bad day came, his only source of income,the typewriter, was destroyed by a young police man as a first attack.


Later, he tried to collect the broken parts and stick them back together along with his begging for mercy from the young police man but thing was not like what he expected, the young police man couldn’t take his eye on old poor man, he tried with his full force to pull the broken typewriter from the old man and threw it away, making it broken into pieces.


Even though his old typewriter already broken in some parts and couldn’t be work by putting together again, the 65-year-old Khrishna Kumar began collecting the pieces of the typewriter just like it was his long-term old friend. His eyes started to fill with the tear when people asked him what he is going to do with his living afterward. He said he has been doing this job 35 years ago and now his life is going to be harder.


But he was not alone. After his picture was captured and uploaded online by Ashutosh Tripathi of Dainik Bhaskar, the story went viral among netizens and they started to share the story with their community. The young police man was suspended from his job and a few kind-hearted citizens starts to take their action to help him by asking for the address and contact of the old man. Later the local gov’t also offer him a new typewriter. Later, Mr. Rajesh Pandey, from SSP Lucknow, and Mr. Raj Shekhar, from DM Lucknow, tried to meet with the old poor guy and gave him a new typewriter also.


Besides the help above, his story was put on an online fundraising website, Indiegogo and within 4 days, the amount of fund reached 565 dollars by 31 people.


This is the power of social media, where once the story is shared, it gonna hit the people’s heart and the people who are in need will be receiving help and aid.